This was a short-lived U.S. label (ca. 1921-1924). It was produced for the Cardinal Phonograph Company (56 Bleecker St., New York) by several companies.

Earliest releases drew on masters from the Jones Recording Laboratories as well as masters of unknown origin, and included a large proportion of ethnic and foreign-language material. A second series, announced in September, 1921, was pressed from Clarion Record Company masters and duplicated material on Clarion, Cleartone Records, Lyric Record and related labels.

After Clarion suspended operations in late 1921 or early 1922, Cardinal drew on masters from the Pace Phonograph Corp. (Black Swan Records), The New York Recording Laboratories (Paramount) and Starr Piano Company (Gennett).

It is remembered as the label on which Ethel Waters made her 1921 recording debut.

Source: Discogs


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