1950 - 1990s

Billo was a Venezuelan label run by Billo Frómeta (1915 - 1988).

Orchestra conductor/band leader Billo Frómeta actually was not from Venezuela, however he happened to live, work and be remembered most of his life there. Being originally from the Dominican Republic and living a short stint in Cuba probably formed the sound of his band Billo’s Caracas Boys.

Ely Méndez joined Billos in 1971 and from that year until today she belonged to the so-called “Most Popular Orchestra of Venezuela”, that formed the also disappeared Master Billo Frómeta.

In 2019, the Billos Caracas Boys turned 80 years old and its celebration was in homage to singer Ely Méndez. “There is no vocalist in any orchestra in the world who has performed as long in a musical group as Ely Méndez”; its director Telmo Pérez said at the time, to the magazine Estampas, newspaper El Universal. Ely Méndez died due to Covid-19 February 2, 2021.