1953 - 1978

Nicole & Eddie Barclay founded the Blue Star Record in Paris in February 1945. The firm changed its name in 1948 for Productions Phonographiques Françaises (PPF).

In January 1953, PPF became Compagnie Phonographique Française (also known as CPF-Barclay) and eventually better known as Barclay.

Barclay released mainly French chanson and jazz music, also distributing major US labels in France (Atlantic/Jubilee, Prestige, Mercury, Verve Records, Buddah Records,...).
Eddie Barclay sold his company in 1978 to the PolyGram group (now Universal Music) but remained as president and managing director until 1983.

Label code: LC 0126 / LC 00126
Note: the BA XXX codes printed on sleeves (eg.: BA 102 / BA 105 / BA 122 / BA 125 / BA 215 / BA 222 / BA 253 / BA 283) are not catalogue numbers but price codes identifying formats.

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  • Barclay 6844

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