1946 - 1971

In 1946, aided by Al Reusch, a musician, big band leader, and one of the first DJs in Vancouver, opened one of the very first recording studios in the country in Vancouver and christened Aragon Recording Studios. By 1954, Reusch had acquired sole ownership of the company and subsequently built Mushroom Studios in 1966 at 1234 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver.

Built from the ground up as a first class audio recording studio, the facility was originally an orchestral recording room for special sessions by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Author of "The Audio Cyclopedia", and award-winning acoustician Dr. Howard Tremaine, consulted on the original acoustic design and equipment installation, which led to Diana Ross and The Supremes, becoming some of the first clients, followed shortly by Led Zeppelin.

As Reusch apparently did not like the idea of recording post-Beatles rock and roll, he sold the facility within five years to Jack Herschorn who had previously co-founded Studio 3 on West 12th Avenue with Tom Northcott. The sale materialized in the spring of 1971.

Source: Wikipedia


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