allegro JUNIOR

1947 - 1952

US record company (1947-1952). Founded in late 1947 by Paul Puner, Allegro's initial focus was on children's records. This product, Allegro Junior, was produced under the guidance of Puner's wife Helen, a journalist who specialized in child psychology. In fall 1948 the company introduced microgroove LP children's records. The following year they set up a subsidiary company, Discos Allegro, Inc., under the direction of Buenos Aires radio producer Jacobo Muchnik, to produce children's records for the Latino market.

By April 1952, Allegro owed $50,000 in back taxes and on October 28 of that year the company was declared bankrupt. Eli Oberstein purchased the company's assets for $75,000 at a trustees' auction. Oberstein continued to produce the Allegro label as a mid-level brand in his Record Corporation Of America lineup.


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