1905 - 1914

«Beka Records» was a record label based in Germany, active from about 1903 to 1925. Before the Great War Beka also made gramophone records for the United Kingdom and Russian markets under the «Beka-Grand-Record» label. Russian repertoir of the company was vast; according to A.Zhelezny the first records were made as early as 1905 (1906 according to P.Grunberg).

Beka often sold their Russian matrixes to another gramophone companies.

After the Great War broke out in 1914 Бека-Грандъ-Пластинка stopped all operations in Russia. Eventually, the company became a subsidiary of the «Carl Lindström A.G.» group which was sold to the Columbia Graphophone Company in 1926.

Source: Russian-Records