Апрелевский Завод / Aprelevskii Zavod

1917 - 1964

Апрелевский Завод (Aprelevskii Zavod) was the USSR's largest state label. Its production plant was based in the Aprelevka, Moscow region.

When the Russian Empire became the Soviet Union, Метрополь Рекордъ was nationalized and named
"Апрелевская фабрика РАОГ" in October 1917, then
"Завод памяти 1905 года" in autumn 1925.

Production was stopped from November-December 1918 to 31 October 1919 and from the end of 1921 to June 1925.

In 1933 the plant became part of Грампласттрест, and a new matrix numeration was began.

During the Second World War the plant paused manufacturing on 30 October 1941 and continued in October 1942.

In 1964 the plant became a part of Мелодия.

Label name variations:

  • Апрелевская фабрика РАОГ

  • Апрелевский завод грампластинок

  • Московский завод памяти 1905 года

  • Мособлсовнархоз РСФСР Апрелевский Завод Грампластинок

  • Завод памяти 1905 года

Among non-Russian speaking collectors the label is often referred to as "Torch" due to the logo.

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  • Апрелевский-Завод-00118
  • Апрелевский Завод 342
  • Апрелевский Завод – 08

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