Founded in 1879, Steger and Sons Piano Manufacturing Company was located in Steger, Illinois; the small town created around the piano factory and named after it. Located about 30 miles from Chicago, the company was started by John Steger who purchased the 1,500 acres of land that became the town of Steger. John envisioned a close-knit town filled with piano craftsman and anchored by the massive Steger piano factory. 

A fair, caring employer, John set up schools and laid out an easy pathway for factory workers to own the homes that they lived in. In return, the men and women employed by Steger and Sons were very loyal to the company and put a great deal of care and attention into their work.

The company produced names such as Artemis, Reed and Sons, Singer, and Thompson, as well as their own name brand of pianos. Steger and Sons was one of the few piano manufacturers to survive the Great Depression, perhaps due to a combination of the quality of their products, coupled with the large volume of diverse piano lines they manufactured. The factory did eventually close its doors in 1959, after an 80-year run.

Source: Lindeblad Piano


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