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Landia was a record label active in the 1950s situated in Caracas, Venezuela.

The songs were recorded in Caracas, but the records were pressed in Puerto Rico.



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“Sociedade Interamericana de Representações” (Sinter), also named on releases as Indústrias Elétricas Sinter S.A.. Brazilian record company and manufacturer established in 1945.
Renamed to Companhia Brasileira De Discos, CBD, in 1955.

Source: Discogs



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Sonolux was a Colombian record company founded in 1949 and recorded for more than 50 years national productions of Colombian artists.

Sonolux was dissolved in 2007 to create RCN Music, a subsidiary of RCN Radio.


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Todamerica Records was a Brazilian record label, in business from about 1950 through the 1970s.

The label specialized in Brazilian music and other music of Latin America. Artists who recorded for Todamerica include João Gilberto.

Todamerica Records was headquartered in Rio de Janeiro.


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Discos Méndez was the first Bolivian record label established in 1950. It was situated in La Paz and focused on traditional Bolivian Folclore.

The claim was: “El Alma de Bolivia en su Música” (“The Soul of Bolivia in its Music”)

The record company closed in 1959.



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Sondor is a record label situated in Montevideo, Uruguay – established in 1938


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[rev_slider ARIEL_AR]

Ariel was a label from Argentina using matrices from ABC Paramount.


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AMBATO-001-BRecorded for the dance hall called AMBATO from Ecuador. Maybe the record company was Pasacalle.