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Also appears as “Discos Continental“.

Continental was a Brazilian label established in 1943 and owned by Gravações Elétricas S.A..

In 1993 it was acquired by Warner Music International and eventually absorbed into the Continental EastWest label which was set up in 1996.


The complete history can be read here: O Lado Bom

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“Sociedade Interamericana de Representações” (Sinter), also named on releases as Indústrias Elétricas Sinter S.A.. Brazilian record company and manufacturer established in 1945.
Renamed to Companhia Brasileira De Discos, CBD, in 1955.

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Todamerica Records was a Brazilian record label, in business from about 1950 through the 1970s.

The label specialized in Brazilian music and other music of Latin America. Artists who recorded for Todamerica include João Gilberto.

Todamerica Records was headquartered in Rio de Janeiro.