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ANIMAL RECORDS was a short lived record label from Cleveland, Ohio (USA) active in 1947 – 1949. It was founded by Diskjockey Gene Carroll (WJMO Cleveland) and Bob Doyle. Licensee was Stapleton Industries, Inc.

Source: Billboard Magazine


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Rhapsody was active from 1949 – 1951. The label was situated in Toledo, Ohio (USA).

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Recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio, founded by radio announcer Frederick C. Wolf in 1938 at 1220 Huron Road in the Carnegie Hall building, as a place to record local Slovenian musicians.

In 1946, Wolf incorporated the studio as Cleveland Recording Company and moved operations to the Loew’s State Theater building at 1515 Euclid Avenue.

In 1950, Wolf opened WCCR (AM) in the same location and hired Ken Hamann to engineer both the radio and the recording studios.

In 1970, Hamann purchased Cleveland Recording Company from Wolf and moved the studio to 1935 Euclid Avenue.

In 1977 when the property was purchased by Cleveland State University.

Closed in 1990.

Source: Discogs


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U.S. label produced by Forest City Records active in the mid 1950s.


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A-Z-Z was a short lived record label from Cleveland, Ohio active in the mid 1950s.

The A-Z-Z Record Co. – company was founded and rum by Anthony W. Zebrowski (1925-1979), “The Baron of Polkas”, a famous musician and radio announcer. He broadcasted a daily program over WZAK FM radio (Cleveland, Ohio).

Source: Russian-Records


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Carl Burkhardt formed Queen City Records in 1950. The house labels was such as Alcar, Arc, Big 4 Hits, Kentucky, Gateway EP, Gateway Series, Gateway Top Tune (Parade of Hits, Top Tunes).

In early 1957 Burkhart sold RITE’s discount labels to a company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It appears that Rite continued to press all the records for the new owners. The Philadelphia owners occasionally issued the same exact records with other labels names that were less often used such as; Worthmore, Music Please, hep, Deresco, Super-Value, Coast to Coast and Four.

Source: Discogs