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Independent music label founded 1950 by Fred Bergin in Glendale, California (USA). Specialized in organ music, organ skating music, and tempo organ music.

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Sharon was an independent label based in Los Angeles.

Active mostly in the 1950s, Sharon specialized in “import acts” (Scandinavia, Australia/New Zealand) as well as North American artists who mainly performed gospel, folk, and sacred music.

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Hollywood record label (created 1946, and moved later on to Nashville), owned by Zeke Clements. Previously as Liberty Record Co., label name was changed due to legal reasons.
Related to publisher Blazon Music Co.

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The label Accordia was founded 1949 in San Francisco, California.

The Accordia Record Co. then as now records several accordion virtuosos, such as John Molinari or Veikko Ahvenainen.


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Crystal was an US label from Los Angeles, California, active from 1945 – 1953.


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Independent label owned by Cal Golden and producing square dance records during the 1950s.
(The label design is very similar to Venezuelas BILLO Records)
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Run by Jake Porter from 1951 until the early 1960s.  Also appears as “Combo” or “Obmoc” backwards.
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SUPREME Records was started in the fall of 1947 by a West Coast dentist named Al Patrick.

By October of that year, Patrick had assembled the likes of Jimmy Witherspoon, Buddy Tate and Jay McShann in the studio and produce some excellent sides for immediate release.

The label ceased in 1949.

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SUPREME Series (100 – 1549)


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Record label created by Zeke Clements in 1945, name was changed to BLAZON in 1946 due to legal issues.

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