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The SARCO Record Company was active between 1946 and 1948. It was located in Hollywood, California and owned by Lou Finston. Lou was the brother of Nathaniel W. Finston, a composer, conductor, author, violinist and producer, and chairman of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (1938-1944, and a board member 1941-1944).

Source: Discogs


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The ERA label was founded in Los Angeles in 1955 by Herb Newman, a lyricist of the pre-rock school, and his cousin, Lew Bedell.
Newman studied at UCLA, later working for Mercury and Decca as a salesman, before starting Era Records.

The partnership also formed Dore Records in Hollywood in 1958 as a companion to their Era label.
In 1959 they split. (Newman to Era and Bedell to Doré).

In the 1970’s, K-Tel bought the label.


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Solo was a record label from Hollywood, California.

It was active in the 1950s.


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American R&B record label located in Los Angeles, CA and founded by John Dolphin. Active from 1954 to 1958.

Specialized in rhythm and blues and vocal harmony groups aimed at a white teenage audience.

Part of the ‘Dolphin’s Of Hollywood’ roster of labels along with Money Records, Recorded In Hollywood, and Lucky Record. Cash was not as financially successful as Dolphin’s Money label, but it still had some hits with artists such as Arthur Lee Maye and The Voices.

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1950s budget label from Beverly Hills, California.

Released inexpensive cover versions of current hits performed by less well-known artists. Releases were issued as either part of the Pop Series or Pop Hit Series (1000 series) or the Western Series or Western Hits Series (5000 series).

Similar material was released simultaneously on ‘Pop’ Hits, in EP format on Music Masters and A Star Recording.

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GAARE Records mainly recorded Swedish Folk songs. The label from Oakland, California was active in the mid 1950s.

Skating Rhythms

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Label specifically for music that could be used on roller skating rinks.
Used Hammond organist Glenn Davis.
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US label from Hollywood, CA. active 1945 – 1946. It was founded by Coinmatic Distributors.