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VERNE was a US Latin music label founded in New York in late 1940’s by Luis Cuevas assisted by Ernie Ballesta (Verne Verne Recording Corp.).

It also recorded in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Cuba.



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Venezuelan 60s Record Label. Founded and owned by Alfredo Sadel, he gives the distribution of the label to Distribuidora Nacional De Discos S.A. . Only the first pressings have been 78rpm records. The label also produced 78rpm records in Puerto Rico (Refogio St. 911, Santurce)

In 1962 , the record producer Johnny Quirós bought the label from Alfredo Sadel and few years later the label was acquired by La Discoteca C.A.

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Independent record label from Puerto Rico 1952-1975. They also release through their subsidiary of MRVA label which is an acronym for Marvela.

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