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VERNE was a US Latin music label founded in New York in late 1940’s by Luis Cuevas assisted by Ernie Ballesta (Verne Verne Recording Corp.).

It also recorded in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Cuba.



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Trinidad based label set up by Vital Angel in 1954 after the demise of SaGomes records.

Released Calypso, Steel Pan and Jazz. The label issued 78rpm shellac singles, vinyl LPs and 45rpm singles and EPs. Records were pressed in England, and shipped over to Trinidad for sale. At the time they were only licensed for sale in Trinidad, although many found their way elsewhere.

Some LPs, such as “Royalties Of Calypso Kingdom”, were compilations of previously released 78s. The calypso recordings were usually backed by the She She Calypso Band, and most Vitadisc 78s were backed with an instrumental version of a previously released calypso song.

The label was still putting out the occasional single by the early 60s (as seen in the Vilma Ali example), but ceased operations not long after.



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Venezuelan 60s Record Label. Founded and owned by Alfredo Sadel, he gives the distribution of the label to Distribuidora Nacional De Discos S.A. . Only the first pressings have been 78rpm records. The label also produced 78rpm records in Puerto Rico (Refogio St. 911, Santurce)

In 1962 , the record producer Johnny Quirós bought the label from Alfredo Sadel and few years later the label was acquired by La Discoteca C.A.

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MRS – Motta’s Recording Studio

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The first ever Jamaican label run by Stanley Motta. Specialising in mento and calypso releases. Sometimes called MRS or M.R.S.

In 1951 Stanley Motta built a small recording studio at 93 Hanover Street, Kingston (just around the corner from his shop on Harbour Street). The music was cut directly onto acetate lacquers and, as there were no manufacturing facilities on the island, the lacquers were then sent to the UK for mastering and pressing by Decca Records in London. The finished fragile shellac 78rpm records would then be shipped back to Jamaica.

Source: Discogs



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Independent record label from Puerto Rico 1952-1975. They also release through their subsidiary of MRVA label which is an acronym for Marvela.

Source: Discogs


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Chin’s Records was a Jamaican record label owned by Ivan Chin in the mid-1950s.

Without Ivan Chin, there would never have been a Chin’s Calypso Sextet, and without a Chin’s Calypso Sextet, Mento would never have achieved great success. Chin – an electronic technician – recorded, produced, and financed all the recordings done by the group at his store, situated at 48 Church Street, downtown Kingston. It was at his instigation that the group was formed between 1952 and 1953 and duly named after him.

Chin’s Records operated out of the own radio store at 48 Church Street in Kingston, Jamaica, which was also the location of the recording studio. Most records were pressed by Decca or Melodisc. Ivan Chin stated that the first record he made sold for three shillings and sixpence in 1955. This is roughly $.34 in current US dollars.

Some 96 songs were reportedly recorded and produced by Chin, with The Chin’s Calypso Sextet accounting for about 35 by Bedasse’s count.

Chin’s Record Series



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Montilla Records was an independent record label founded in 1955 by Fernándo J. Montilla in Cuba.

Montilla moved in 1965 to Puerto Rico, then in 1980 to Miami, Florida.

Songs after 1979 were recorded in Spain and manufactured in New York / USA. (131 East 23rd Street / New York 10)