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Jazz and Pop label owned by Mort Hillman. Active in Chicago, IL, USA from November 1956.

Do not mix up with later Chicago label Salem Records which has a similar numbering system.

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Records of Knowledge

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Records of Knowledge was a kidisk “sub-label” of the REX Records label (Alexander Schwarzt, Chairman of the board / Nanette Guiford, President / Richard B. Morros, Vice-president) in New York. It was active from 1950 until the middle 1950s.


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Rexall was only a record label in the broadest sense. The records were produced for the Rexall Drug Company Limited, a Canadian Pharmacy in Cooksville, Ontario.


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Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus used personal labels for its recordings (made by RCA Victor facilities in the U.S. and Canada). The design varies for each album:

Set #1 (Detroit, 1950): six 12″ records, dirigent H. Kytasty.

Set #2 (Montreal, 1951): six 10″ records, dirigent V. Boshyk.

Set #3 (Chicago, ~1952): four 10″ records, dirigent V. Boshyk.

Set #4 (USA, ~1955): six (?) or ten (?) 10″ records, dirigents H. Kytasty and V. Boshyk.

Sets #5 to #20 were LPs.

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The SARCO Record Company was active between 1946 and 1948. It was located in Hollywood, California and owned by Lou Finston. Lou was the brother of Nathaniel W. Finston, a composer, conductor, author, violinist and producer, and chairman of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (1938-1944, and a board member 1941-1944).

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