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Defunct Belgian label & record company, founded by Albert Van Hoogten in 1951. It was named after his record store, called “Ronny”. Most of their recordings were done at the studio of the Brussels’ label Olympia.

Most famous recording was the 1957 Eurovision Song Contest winner: Net als toen (Corry Brokken)

It was fully acquired by BMG Publishing Belgium. Later BMG sold it to Pop Eye Records in Leuven (Belgium).

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The OLYMPIA record label was located in Brussels, Belgium and managed by Fernand Janssens (often sourced as F. Janssens). It was owned by Sobedi (Société Belge du Disque), which had its own recording studio and pressing plant. Sobedi was fully acquired by Fonior in 1969 and fused with two other companies (S.A. Fabeldis and Discopress) into “Sobelpress S.A.”.

This label was the parent label of the “teenager” Hey label.

It was active until the end 1970s.

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Belgian label, founded by Charles René, before starting Reneyphone-Radio S.A. in Brussels (at 15 Rue Léon Lepage, Brussels, Belgium). Reneyphone was also associated with the manufacture of wind-up gramophones. The records were partially produced in Austria. The records issued many masters recorded by Polydor (Germany).

Reneyphone-Radio S.A. was founded on August the 6th, 1935, by Lucie Barbe, George René, Charles René, Madeleine Renouard and Marcel Rabache, for industry and commerce.

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