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CHAP KUCHING was one of the earliest local record labels. It was set up by Moutrie & Co. Ltd. in 1934, and specialised in Malay records.

CHAP KUCHING was originally managed by Thomas Hemsley. He eventually left to set up his own label, Chap Singa in 1937.

The label ceased operations in 1941.

Source: National Archives Of Singapore



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CHAP SINGA was one of the earliest record labels established in Singapore. It was set up by M.E. &  Thomas Hemsley in 1937.

Hemsley had previously been the manager of CHAP KUCHING, another early local record label. Both labels ceased operations in 1941.

The records were pressed in India.

Source: National Archives Of Singapore



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Quek Swee Chiang was one of the first local record labels in Singapore.

Records under this label were made for Teck Chiang Long Co., which was located in Circular Road and dealt in piece goods, iron safes, and gramophones machines and records.

Teck Chiang Long Co. was dissolved in October 1928.

Source: National Archives Of Singapore


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The Chakmakchi Company had offices and a showroom on the prestigious and bustling Rashid Street in Baghdad, along with a satellite office in Mosul.

If we are to take the name literally, “chakmakchi” in standard Turkish means “maker of lighters” or “flint stone maker.” However, this is simply the surname of the proprietors, one of whom we know was named Arif Chakmakchi.

At any rate, this small company got into the 78rpm business in the early 50s and only released at most about 200-300 recordings on their Chakmakchi Phon label.

Since the Persian Gulf region did not have a 78rpm pressing plant at the time, Chakmakchi outsourced their early pressings to Sweden of all places, and their later pressings to Greece.

Source: Excavated Shellac



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SPHINX GRAND RECORD was a small company founded in 1914 in Warsaw. The repertoire of Russian records was very limited.

It ceased to exist in the beginning of 1915.

Source: Russian Records



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A small gramophone company which appeared in St.-Petersburg in 1911. The board and pressing plant located on 2 Karavannaya Street. The owner of the company was I.F.Zdanovich, the co-owner and sound expert A.L.Levin.

The first records with «Gnom Concert Record» label appeared on sale by the end of 1911. The records quality was poor; the repertoir was limited to performances of minor actors.

By the end of 1912 «Gnom Record» records disappeared from shops and never appeared again.

Source: Russian Records



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Small Warsaw company owned by Z. Klamborowski was active during 1909-1913 and located on 54 Przyokopowej, Warsaw.

Probably, the factory was set up already in 1898 in Poznan, and in 1909 moved to Warsaw.

Source: Russian Records



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«Aurora Record» was a rare pirate label used by Petersburg businessman K. Mazel. Besides «Aurora» he owned the more common but also pirate label «Tonophone».
In 1911 the company was transformed into legal «Zwukopis» label.

Source: Russian Records



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Independent record label established in 1938 in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) and existed until 1941.
It recorded artists from Batavia and Bandung and a substantial amount of Minangkabau music.

The records were manufactured by The Gramophone Company Of India Ltd..

Source: Discogs