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South African Envee label was associated with the Trutone label.



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Drum was a label produced by South African company Teal Record (distributor and manufacturer), active until around 1987 when it joined with Trutone.

The name is sometimes written as “Teal Record Company” or “Teal Record Company Limited” or simply “Teal Record Co.”



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Notably Isaac Mzobe’s Crocodile Male Voice Choir recorded a number of tracks (XU 12-14) in 1939.

A later recording by the same group (XU 30) is tentatively dated circa 1941.

Recordings by the Amanzimtoti Male Voice Choir (XU 32, 33, 38, 41, 42) similarly are dated circa 1941 and two tracks by the All Nations Male Voice Choir (XU 63) are dated circa 1942.

Veit Erlmann dates a number of the Better (XU) label recordings from this period in his book Nightsong.


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Bantu Batho BB Records was a record label from South Africa pressing genuine and mixed African music syles in the 50s.

On the red record label only the initials BB are printed instead of the complete name.

BB is also linked with Trutone records.